Abandonment and Site Restoration (ASR)

Abandonment and Site Restoration (ASR)

August 26th-28th 2020 - Online


Course Overview

The course within 3 days will be discussing about the whole activities which are inside The Upstream Oil and Gas Bussiness along with other facilities such as oil and gas well, pipes and production facility, platform in which no longer economical and needed will have to be done an abandonment and also site restoration around its operational site of an oil industry. Some available aspects and will be measured regarding their demolition and reserve cost estimation.


Course Outline

  1. The Basis of Oil Industry Activity.
  2. ASR Activity and Implementation in Indonesia
  3. Legal Basis of ASR Implementation
  4. ASR Component according to PTK SKKMIGAS
  5. ASR Implementation Methodology
  6. ASR Cost Calculation Estimation
  7. ASR Reserve Cost Case Study in Indonesia


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