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BUSINESS SPEAKING : Effective Communication & Presentation Skills August 19th – 21st 201 5 , Bandung BACK GROUND: Doing the business deals, negotiations and lobbying or formal talk with your boss and coworker in your company’s, ability to do Business Speaking is a must.   Mastering Business Speaking is also very helpful when you have to do business presentation. So if you are a white collar worker or executives, knowing how to speak, a sense of language, how to act, how to do the presentations, negotiations and lobbying within the scope of business, it’s your need. OBJECTIVE ·          After all sessions in this training program, the participants can do business speaking with confident. ·          After this training, the participants can build their business personality ·          With all sessions in Business Speaking training, the participants are being able to do a convincing business presentation. ·          After attending all sessions, the


EPC PROJECT RISK, CONTRACT AND INSURANCE “Project Risk Mitigation by Contract & Insurance” August , 12 th - 13 th 2015, Bandung     THE COURSE Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) Project is more popular recently. Much benefit gain by the principal of the project. On the other side main contractor of EPC project must plan carefully to execute the project. Project risk management is one tools to manage project reach the objective of project. Contract is the most important thing to brief scope of work , obligation of each party, performance of the project. The good contract should be shared responsibility to each party. Base on contract each party involved fairly and ensure that commercial and technical specification changes while the project shall be treat in balance. Contract should protect the whole company or project stakeholders by deliverable risk to the other parties in case of changes order turning out. Ultimately, project team and stakehol

Offshore Pipeline Risk and Integrity Management System

Offshore Pipeline Risk and Integrity Management  System March , 1 8 th – 20 th 2015 – Holiday Inn Bandung What is Offshore PIMS PIMS is planning, organizing, executing, and controlling all risk and integrity of subsea pipelines (including risers) into acceptable level through proper risk & defect assessment and management; and by implementing best inspection, maintenance and repair strategy. Hazards to the subsea pipeline are all identfied, probability of failure and consequence failure are determined, then the pipeline risk are calculated as a function of pipeline ID number or pipeline location (risk vs KP). The risk is then mitigated and managed based on priority. PIMS is implemented in order to operate the subsea pipeline safely and reliably in the most cost effective way. Benefit of Implementing Offshore PIMS To promote safety and integrity of the pipelines operation altogether To increase availability of the pipelines by reducing the un-planned s