Effective Communication & Presentation Skills
August 19th 21st 2015, Bandung

Doing the business deals, negotiations and lobbying or formal talk with your boss and coworker in your company’s, ability to do Business Speaking is a must.  Mastering Business Speaking is also very helpful when you have to do business presentation. So if you are a white collar worker or executives, knowing how to speak, a sense of language, how to act, how to do the presentations, negotiations and lobbying within the scope of business, it’s your need.

·         After all sessions in this training program, the participants can do business speaking with confident.
·         After this training, the participants can build their business personality
·         With all sessions in Business Speaking training, the participants are being able to do a convincing business presentation.
·         After attending all sessions, the participants will have the tools to negotiating and lobbying in order to win a business deal.

Using the right “language” in your daily life business
·         Speaking to the boss
·         Speaking to your subordinate
·         Speaking to the colleague

Successful business presentation:
·         Structure of the presentation
·         Making the presentation script
·         Using visual aids

Working out with your voice:
·         Building a credible voice, with inner power and good modulation
·         Speaking practice with good intonation, pronunciation and diction

Make yourself confident
·         Building self confident
·         Hypnotherapy

Interviews as part of the job:
·         Handling business interviews
·         Being interview by the press:
·         How to handle the media
·         Making the interviews

Your appearance as a key of success:
·         Business approaches
·         Professional Appearance
·         Using business attire

Let every bodies know about you:
·         Being a “star”
·         Confident with your decision
·         Using multiply channel for publishing yourself:
·         In the office
·         Beyond your office

·         Business presentation
·         Interview
·         Speech in casual event


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