Offshore Pipeline Risk and Integrity Management System

Offshore Pipeline Risk and Integrity Management  System
March, 18th – 20th 2015 – Holiday Inn Bandung

What is Offshore PIMS
PIMS is planning, organizing, executing, and controlling all risk and integrity of subsea pipelines (including risers) into acceptable level through proper risk & defect assessment and management; and by implementing best inspection, maintenance and repair strategy. Hazards to the subsea pipeline are all identfied, probability of failure and consequence failure are determined, then the pipeline risk are calculated as a function of pipeline ID number or pipeline location (risk vs KP). The risk is then mitigated and managed based on priority. PIMS is implemented in order to operate the subsea pipeline safely and reliably in the most cost effective way.

Benefit of Implementing Offshore PIMS

  • To promote safety and integrity of the pipelines operation altogether
  • To increase availability of the pipelines by reducing the un-planned shutdown (leak or rupture)
  • To reduce inspection, maintenance and repair cost of the pipeline based on risk and priority.

Purpose of the Training

  1. To provide the trainees with  general knowledge on the concept of  PIMS
  2. To provide the traine various risk and integrity assessment methodology applicable to PIMS.
  3. To provide road map and guideline on planning and implementing PIMS effectively in their own Company.

Training Syllabus and Materials

  • Introduction to PIMS for Subsea Pipelines
  • Review Subsea Pipeline Design (ASME B31.4, ASME B31.8, API 1111, DNV-OS-F101)
  • Pipeline Damage Mechanism and Failure Modes 
  • Developing Pipeline Risk Assessment Methodology 
  • Pipeline Survey and Inspection
  • Fitness for Services Analysis (Metal Loss, Dent, Bend, Crack, Free-Span, On-botom Stability, and Buckles)
  • Pipeline Maintenance and Repair
  • Pipeline Corrosion and Flow Assurance Management
  • Remaining Life Assessment
  • Movie Analysis, Cases Study and Practices.


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