360° Leader - Leading Team, Peers & Superior

360° Leader: Leading Team, Peers & Superior

"99% of all leadership occurs not from the top but from the middle of an organization"

Most people perceive leadership is applicable for manager level which actually leadership is not talking about position but talking about how to influence others to achieve organization goal. Leadership skill is actually very needed by all level. Leadership skill will help employee how to make themselves be effective to influence others.The true measure of leadership is influence - nothing more, nothing less. "Influencing others is a matter of disposition, not position".

This training will guide you how to become effective leader that can "lead up", influencing our leaders, "lead across", influencing our peers, and "lead down", influencing those lower down the organizational hierarchy.

A.         Leadership
1.                  General definition & concept
2.                  People mapping
3.                  How to be trustable leader
B.         Seven (7) myths in leadership
1.                  The position myth
2.                  The destination myth
3.                  The influence myth
4.                  The inexperience myth
5.                  The freedom myth
6.                  The potential myth
7.                  The all-or-nothing myth
C.         Seven (7) challenges in leadership
1.                  The tension challenge
2.                  The frustration challenge: Following the ineffective leader
3.                  The multi hats: One head…many hats
4.                  The ego challenge
5.                  The fulfilment challenge
6.                  The vision challenge
7.                  The influence challenge
D.        Know who you are & who you are leading
E.         Nine (9) Lead up principles
F.         Seven (7) Lead across principles
G.         Seven (7) Lead down principles
H.        Value of 360° Leader


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