Drilling Essentials for Non-Technical

Drilling Essentials for Non-Technical Professionals and New Engineers
September, 2nd - 4th 2015 – Yogyakarta

This course provides a non-technical overview of the phases, operations, and terminology used in of the drilling and completion of an oil or gas well. It is intended for non-drilling personnel who work with drilling professionals (e.g. accounting, administrative, and support staff, environmentalists, landmen, stock analysts, etc). No prior experience of knowledge of drilling operation is required. The course will provide participants with a better understanding of issues faced in all aspects of drilling operations.

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Basic Petroleum Geology
  • The “Well Construction” Process
  • Drilling Rig – Its Components and Functions
  • Drilling a Well – From Top to Bottom
  • Drill Bits – Drill Fluids (“Mud”)-
  • Formation Evaluation (Logging – Coring – Drillstem Testing)
  • Completion and Workover Operations

Managers, Bankers, Internal auditors, Secretaries, Accountants, Lawyers, Purchasing Agents, Businessmen, Owners of Oil Properties, Oilfield Suppliers and Salesmen, Administration personnel and supportive and Industry personnel


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