The Art of Public Speaking and Presentation Skills with Hypno-Speaking

The Art of Public Speaking and Presentation Skills with Hypno-Speaking
September 16th – 18th, 2015 Bandung

Nowadays, the ability of speaking in front many people in not only belongs to artist, master of ceremony or government official. Everybody needs to learn how to speak, so you can achieve your goal by giving them a good presentation.
When you want to promote yourself, than you need to speak clearly, when you want to sell some product you also need to speak clearly. And most important, if you want to be heard by public, you need to speak very clear.

General Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
historical background and principles of public speaking and preparation required by every people before making a presentation in front of audience.

2.    The Art of Performance
  • First impression and knowing the audience.
  • Impress the audience without talking at the first performance and analyze the audience in order to understand the public needs

4.    Hypno-Speaking
  • Introducing and practicing hypnosis for daily activities, especially to stabilize and accelerate our performance in front the public.
  • Applying hypnotherapy methods for releasing nervousness and build self -confidence as a public speaker.

5.    Verbal Communication
Implementing reasonable and proportional verbal language in every speech activity in front of various audiences layer.

6.    Non-Verbal Communication
Using the proper body language in public speaking activities, and knowing how to read your audience's body language

7.    Scripting the Ideas
Writing a good speech by using verbal language, briefly and clearly.

8.    Visual Aids
Using the proper  visual aids for presentation.

9.    Personal Appearance
Building self -image, dress for success.

  • Corporate Communication Affairs
  • Community Development Specialist
  • HR Officer
  • Field Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Supervisors
  • Executive Secretary
  • Government Relation
  • Managers
  • All employee who need this course materials and related with their jobs etc

3 days training


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