How to Manage & Motivate an Excellent Team

How to Manage & Motivate an Excellent Team
April, 15th17th 2014, Santika Hotel Yogyakarta

This workshop helps Leaders and companies to:
1.      Understand how importance they have excellent team
2.      Be able to identify the characteristics of excellent team
3.      Be able to build an excellent team
4.      Be able to keep and boost excellent team through proper motivating action
5.      Shape positive mindset in managing people. A team can be excellent or not depends much on leaders mindset and role
6.      Provide practical knowledge in handling team to be excellent

1.      Managing vs Leading
2.      Motivation: Theory & Principles
3.      Metaphor excellent team: The What, How & Why
4.      The Leaders Mindset towards team
5.      Team Dynamic
6.      Team Mapping:
a.       Know Your Team Principle
b.      Team Profile & How to deal with
7.      Motivators & De-motivators Factors: Building High Performance Team
8.      Leadership challenges:
a.       Trust & Credibility
b.      Energize your team: managing diversity
c.       Provide direction: set clear, shared goals
d.      Create a positive team climate
e.       Resolve conflict: Use them to your advantages
9.      People Empowerment
a.       Powerful Delegating
b.      Awesome coaching
10.  How to motivate

3 days


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