Contract and Legal Drafting for EPC Project

Contract and Legal Drafting for EPC Project
April 28th – 30th 2014 - Padma Hotel Bandung

Contract is the important tool to ensure that something shall do or not to do.  Contract for project as the agreement among the parties should be write carefully in order to avoid misinterpretation.  Sentences in contract drafting must be sharp, clear and concise. We have to have clear objective and subject to be write. Beside we have to understand what impact regarding to that. The first step to make letters and contract is we know what we want the other party to do or not to do something. Framework of contract and description of contract shall be structured formally and efficiently.

This workshop shall explain  how to  make Contract Project, legal letters and contract drafting. to implement what we want to do or not do by other.  Sometimes we can use template using in company but sometimes we have to make by ourselves since beginning.

1. What  is Contract
2. Contract Terminology
3. Contract Clause
4. Contract Structured
5. Contract Scheme
6. Power of Attorney
7. Parties in the Contract
8. Contract Project    
9. Legal Drafting
10.  Guarantee & Warranty
11.  Force majeure, penalty & liability
12.  Dispute Settlement

· Project Manager
· Contract Engineer
· Contract Drafter
· Project Consultant
· Contractor
· Vendor
· Manufacturer
· Fabricator
· Forwarder
· Bankers
· Insurance
· Student
· Lecturer


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