Emotional & Stress Management to Improve Work Performance

Emotional & Stress Management to Improve Work Performance
December, 4th – 6th 2013, Sheraton Hotel Lombok

-          To help participants realize their emotions
-          To manage emotional productively
-          To optimize emotion as success factor
-          To guide participant to reach at the top through emotional management
-          To give right understanding about the definition and concept of stress
-          To encourage participants to accept stress as important part of life
-          To guide participants how to live peacefully with stress and how to overcome stress by self-therapy

I.                   Emotional Management
1.      Emotional Management: Definition, concept & principle
2.      Emotional as Quotient: EQ vs IQ
3.      Maintain Emotional Quality
a.       Emotional Knowledge
b.      Emotional Spirituality
c.       Emotional Authenticity
d.      Emotional Reconciliation
4.      Emotional Maturity:
a.       Emotional Acceptance
b.      Emotional Affection
c.       Emotional Affirmation

II.                Stress Management
5.      Stress: definition and concept, source of stress
6.      Identify stress symptoms
a.       Physical
b.      Psychological / Emotional
c.       Behavioral
7.      Accept stress is part of life: Stress and Eustress
8.      Anticipative and Curative Therapeutic Approaches:
a.       Living a healthy life style: NEWSTART
                                                                                       i.      Nutrition
                                                                                     ii.      Exercise
                                                                                   iii.      Water
                                                                                   iv.      Sunshine
                                                                                     v.      Temperance
                                                                                   vi.      Air
                                                                                 vii.      Rest
                                                                               viii.      Trust in God
b.      Self Management Mastery
                                                                                       i.      Relaxation
                                                                                     ii.      Mind-cleansing
                                                                                   iii.      Releasing Technique
                                                                                   iv.      Meditation
c.       SEFT (Spiritual Emotion Freedom Technique)
                                                                                       i.      3 step at SEFT
                                                                                     ii.      Some techniques:
1.      NLP
2.      Logo-therapy
3.      Sedona Method
4.      Powerful Prayer

3 days


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