Fundamental Government Relations: Stakeholders, Situations and Solutions

Fundamental Government Relations:
Stakeholders, Situations and Solutions
September, 12th -  13th 2013 – Padma Hotel Bandung

Course Objectives
All business has stakeholders and among them, government is one with unique characteristic. Government can stop company from doing business!
It is imperative that all officers deal with government to do their job with full understanding on how government works.

This course will bring participants to learn what government relations is and how to deal with government officers. For starter, participants will learn the nature of relationship between company and government. In following phases, participants will go into deeper part by learning the essentials: budgetary programs and public approval.

Upon completion of this course, participant will be able to define what company need from government, identify the key officers and set the relationship directives. Participants will also equipped with proper techniques to quickly understand the government programs & projects, the budgets it provide and troubleshoot the execution. This way, participants will be able to develop a politically correct cooperation with government.

Course Content
Understanding the Nature of Government as Stakeholder.
Able to Define Company Relationship Directives.
Able to Peruse Local Government Budget and Identify the Opportunity
Able to Develop Cooperation Plan.
Able to Maintain Progress and Handle Contingencies

1-1 Opening & Nature of Government as Stakeholder: Why it is Important and in which Part our company could Contribute
1-2 Case Study : How to Implement Corporate Objectives
1-3 Simulation : How to Identify Key Officer & Build Relationship
1-4 Simulation : How to Maintain Relationship & Agenda
2-1 Case Study : How to Identify Government Situations & Possible Solutions
2-2 Workshop : How to Setup Strategic Partnership with Key Persons
2-3 Workshop : How to Develop Cooperation Plan with Government
2-4 Workshop : How to Handle Contingencies

l  Corporate Communication Affairs
l  Community Development Specialist
l  Administrator for External Affairs Dept
l  HR Officer
l  Field Manager
l  Project Manager
l  Supervisors
l  Executive Secretary
l  All employee who need this course materials and related with their jobs etc

2 days ( 8 sessions ):
3 sessions of lecturette & case Study
2 sessions of simulation
3 sessions of workshop


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