For Finance and Non Finance Personnel
June, 19th – 21st 2013 – Padma Hotel Bandung

Course Objectives

·To learn how to read and analyze Financial Reportsof Oil& Gas companies
· To learn how to determine the value of common stock of  Oil & Gas companies
· To learn how to calculate value of Reserves in the ground

This course is designed for those interested in learning about how to read and analyze Financial Reports as an additional working knowledge to support his or her assignments. Concepts and theory are presented in such a way that will invite participants to be actively involved in the discussions. The presentation of related cases and discussion of current issues are intended to help participants in turning the theory into practical knowledge.

Course Content

1.    Accounting System for Oil and Gas

·         Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
·         Reserve Recognition Accounting
·         Full Cost Accounting
·         Successful Efforts  Accounting

2.    Financial Statement Analysis

·         Annual Report
·         Ratio Analysis

3.    Valuation of Common Stock

·         Guidelines
·         Book Value
·         Off Balance-Sheet Commitments
·         Drilling Commitments
·         Adjustments

4.    Segment Valuation

·         Proved Reserves
·         Transportation
·         Refineries
·         Marketing Outlets

5.    Value of Reserves

·         Value of an Oil Discovery
·         Value of Producing Oil Reserves
·         Value of Gas Discovery

6.    Case study and Exercises

7.    General Discussion of Current Issues

Training Method

    • Presentations, active participation through group discussions
    • Highly interactive lecture
    • Experiential learning

Target Participants

Professionals in companies who want to get an additional working knowledge of Financial Reports Analysis to enhance their knowledge regarding value of Oil & Gas companies related to its financial conditio


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